Google and Denim launches two new smart jackets

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Levi’s introduces two new smart jackets based on Google’s Project Jacquard technology. Jacquard is a technology from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division which allows you to use gestures on fabric to control functions on your smartphone.

Levis integrate Jacquard technology in two types of jackets– standard Trucker Jacket and Sherpa Jacket. standard Trucker Jacket to cost $198 while Sherpa Jacket will pocket you $248. The price is way less than the first smart jacket which the company launched in 2017. The jacket is available in the US, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and the UK.

The jacket performs three basic functions– remotely launches the camera, provides notifications for your daily reminders and meetings, and you can create a shortcut to perform daily tasks using Google Assistant. For eg. provide details about your Uber or toggle noise cancellation on Bose headphones.

To use the smart jacket you need to put the Jacquard tag into the left cuff. Once you put the Jacquard tag into the left puff, then install the Jacquard app on your smartphone and press and hold the button on the tag to sync it. After it’s paired you need to set up a gesture in the phone. There are three types of gestures which Levis provides–slide in, slide out and double-tap.

The functionalities are very limited. It can log places you’ve been, count the number of taps or swipes you make, control music playback and hear the title of the current track
, find your phone, take a remote selfie, tell you the time or what song you’re playing, read navigation directions and give you a summary of your day, ask Google Assistant a question.

In addition to the above function, it can also alert you when you get calls and texts, your jacket is out of reach, or your cab Uber/Lyft arrived. The alerts accompanied by the vibration and LED light on the Tag in three different colors (blue, red, and green).



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