Hack Tesla and win a brand new Model 3

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Tesla is returning to Pwn2Own hacking show and will offer up to $1 million or model 3 vehicles to hackers who will hack or find vulnerabilities in the vehicle’s system. Pwn2Own is a hacking competition run by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).

ZDI confirmed that if any hacker cracks the automated system of Tesla Model 3, then they will be rewarded with a new Model 3, and a cash prize of $500,000 from ZDI as part of the Tier 1 challenge. Tier 1 represents a complete vehicle compromise. Further, they can explore and exploit bugs in some other categories and earn up to $200,000 more, on top of $500,000. Tier 2 targets the vehicle’s sub-systems. Tier 2 hackers will earn you up to $500,000 by compromising the target system including the infotainment, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Tier 3 includes compromising a single subsystem.

The challenge will take place between March 18 to March 20. If you are also a white hacker then you can register here.

Last year also, ZDI hosted the challenge and awarded the car to two talented researchers. For the last some years, Tesla is participating in these challenges and invites White-hackers to test and improve the security system of Tesla vehicles.



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