Mozilla 71 brings picture-in-picture for video sites

Mozilla 71 brings picture-in-picture for video sites

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Mozilla has released Firefox version 71. The new version brought the much-talked feature called Picture-in-picture mode. The feature is currently launched for Windows, Linux and Macs will get later in January 2020.

The picture-in-picture mode will allow you to play a video in a separate small window. The small window will stay at the top and let you continue to watch even you switch from tab-to-tab or outside the Firefox browser. There will be a small blue “Picture in Picture” option available in all the videos, once the feature will be live.

In addition, Firefox also released a new version of the Firefox browser for its Android platform called Firefox preview. The new Android browser will allow a better, faster and more private online experience to the users. It is expected to available to the users in early 2020.

The desktop version of Firefox 71 is available to download from All existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. The Android and iOS users can download from the Play Store and App Store respectively.



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