OnePlus announces ‘The Lab’ program for OnePlus 8-series


Smartphone maker OnePlus has announced ‘The Lab’ program for the upcoming phone series. Under the program, OnePlus will select 10 tech enthusiasts and smartphone reviewers and ask them to review upcoming OnePlus 8-series phones. The program is open to everyone including non-plus users and community, anyone can register for the program.

The company will select 10 reviewers who can provide honest and authentic reviews of the product. The company said out of 10 reviewers, 6 will be selected among the users who created an account before the announcement of ‘The Lab’ program. The company will thoroughly review the company and will announce the result on April 10. OnePlus will select the 10 users based on their photography, creativity, writing, and videography skills.

Reviewers will receive their phones and they will be asked to attend an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session after 21 days. In the AMA session, reviewers will present their experience and reviews for the phone. Reviewers with best reviews will get to keep the phone. They will also receive custom-made The Lab special edition phone case.

The program is open until April 1, 2020. OnePlus will announce the reviewer’s name on April 2. OnePlus launched The Lab program in 2017 with OnePlus 5T.



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