OnePlus unveils new logo and visual identity

OnePlus unveils new logo and visual identity


OnePlus has unveiled a new logo that is slightly different from the old one. The new logo doesn’t have a red background. The company also changed the font of the logo. It is all caps in Red color now. The company also slightly increased the size of the + sign.

“The changes you see here have two purposes – Create a clearer association between the logo and the brand while improving legibility and visibility. To achieve this, we increased the logo’s thickness, gave the number 1 some curve so it’s more immediately recognizable and slightly increased the plus sign to make it a more relevant part of the logo in homage to our community, which we view as an extension of the OnePlus family”, OnePlus CEO Lei Jun.

The new logo already lives in India, China, and the US. However, the company did not announce when the new logo will start appearing on new OnePlus Phones and devices.



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