Reliance Jio app can now let you know if you have COVID-19

Reliance Jio app can now let you know if you have COVID-19


Indian telecom Reliance Jio has launched a symptoms checker tool on its MyJio app and website. The feature is currently available for the Android platform but the company will soon roll out the feature for iOS as well.

How to use check COVID-19 symptoms

Once you launch the app, there is a banner on the top left corner of the app for the Covid-19 symptom checker. Tapping on the banner will give you valuable info that can be used to identify if you have COVID-19. Alternatively, you can tap on the hamburger button the app and select the ‘coronavirus info & tool’ section. The symptom checker has a list of questionnaires. Based on answers from the users it will tell if you are COVID-19 patient or not. On the website, the Covid-19 symptom checker is placed under the ‘Corona Harega’ banner.

In addition to a symptom checker, the app offers useful statistics about Covid-19. The statistics include the total number of active cases in India, the number of recovered cases and information on how you can prevent yourself from the disease. It also has a helpline number of all the states in India.



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