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Skype to allow screen-sharing on Android and iOS

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Skype will soon allow the screen sharing for Android and iOS platform. The feature is a part of the latest beta. Microsoft suggests Skype users might use this for sharing PowerPoint presentations, or documents before a discussion.

The feature can be enabled by tapping on the “…” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen during a call and the “Share Screen” option should be right there, according to Microsoft’s blog post.

Other mobile apps which have already implemented a screen sharing feature, includes Cisco WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and Zoom. It is not clear when Microsoft is planning to enable this feature for everyone running on mobile Skype.

Microsoft is also testing a new update to its video calling app Sypke which will increase the maximum number of participants to 50. The move will help smaller companies that rely on services like Skype to hold meetings. The feature is available for beta testers.

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