Spectacles 3

Snapchat announces Spectacles 3

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Snapchat has introduced a third-generation wearable camera called Spectacles 3. Spectacles series of cameras are used to create content for photo and video content for social networking app.

The latest iteration of Spectacles features circular lenses and steel frames. The latest edition equipped with two HD cameras that can capture snaps in 3D. Users will be able to add various 3D effects on Snapchat.

How to use it

To capture a photo or video just press or tap the button on Spectacles 3. During recording or shooting the glasses will also collect audio from four different microphones embedded within the frames. Snaps captured with the glasses will automatically save in the Memories section of the Snapchat app. They can also be exported to your camera roll.

The sunglasses will be offered in two colors—-Black and Beige with a price of $380. The sunglasses are up for pre-order and shipping will start from November. The company says they will only be a “limited edition,” with production just a fraction of the original version. Interestingly Spectacles 3 price is higher than previous generations Spectacles inspite of their failure.

Spectacles launched last year that cost $150. There was a minor midcycle refresh in late 2018 that added a couple of new styles at the $200 price point.


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