Snapdragon 735

Snapdragon 735 specs leaked before official launch

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Qualcomm has added Snapdragon 700 series in its portfolio. Recently the company launched the Snapdragon 730. Now the company is working on Snapdragon 735 and it could be launch soon. It is being developed to aimed mid-range phones. Qualcomm could unveil the new chip by the end of the year. Its specs sheet get leaked which reveals some key specifications.

The chip will allegedly be built on a 7nm process like the current Snapdragon 855 top dog. This Snapdragon 735 would have an integrated 5G modem on board, as well as an npu 220 coprocessor for artificial intelligence.

The chipset consists of Octa-Core Kryo CPU and the Adreno 620 GPU. Out of its eight cores, one core is clocked at 2.9 GHz, another core is clocked at 2.4 GHz while the remaining 6 cores are clocked at a frequency of 1.8 GHz.

The Adreno 620 GPU inside the Snapdragon 735 will be clocked at 750MHz, compared to the 825MHz clock speed of the Adreno 618 in the S730.

In addition, this chipset will support up to 16 GB of LPDDR4X RAM. The chipset to allow up to 30 fps ZSL camera with 32 MP resolution. It will also support HRD10 and HDR10 +.

It is not sure which company will manufacture the chipset but it is rumored that Samsung may be given the opportunity to produce the chip.

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