Sony launches taxi-hailing app S.Ride in Japan

Sony launches taxi-hailing app S.Ride in Japan

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Sony launches new taxi-hailing service S.Ride in Japan. The app was launched by a company called Minna no Taxi, which translates to “Everybody’s Taxi”. It is a joint venture between Sony Payment Services, Sony Corp., and six taxi companies. That “S”, according to advertising, stands for three words, none of which are Sony: “simple”, “smart” and “speedy”.

At the moment the cab only works for the people of Tokyo city only. In the coming time, it will be available in other cities in Japan. It has combined fleet on over 10,000 cabs. The app will use artificial intelligence to predict where demand will be highest and dispatch cabs accordingly.

S.Ride lets users pay for taxi rides using cash, credit cards, or via a QR code-powered digital wallet.

Company has not any plans to launch it in the outside of Japan.

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