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Spotify Lite version rolled out to 36 countries

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Spotify was testing a Lite variant of its app since the past year. Not the app starts rolling out to a few countries. The app is available in 36 new countries including Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa, including Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, the Philippines, and India.

The current standard application takes up about 100MB of space while this new slimmed down version comes in at 10MB at the cost of some of its key features.

The first notable feature missing is the Spotify Connect which is the ability to connect and stream your music to other devices like your speakers and TV and such. The extreme audio quality for music playback is also missing as well as the ability to choose individual songs with only the option to play albums and music in shuffle mode whether you’re a premium member or not.

Offline playback has also been removed in this version so this version of the application may be just useful if you’re running really low on space and need a temporary Spotify fix.

The app allows users to set a limit for how much data they can consume. It will then notify users when they’ve reached that limit. It is compatible with any device running Android version 4.3 or higher.

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