Swiggy Money launches

Swiggy launches ‘Swiggy Money’ a digital wallet


Foodtech Unicorn Swiggy launches its own digital-wallet called “Swiggy Money.” Swiggy partnered with ICICI bank to launch “Swiggy Money.” It will allow users to store money and that can be used during checkouts and placing orders.

The active Swiggy users who have a bank account with ICICI bank can start using Siggy’s digital wallet. A non-ICICI bank customers will also start using the wallet once they provide a government-approved ID to the bank.

Users can use any approved bank to top-up their wallets. They can use the wallet to instant refunds and hassle-free checkouts. If somehow order value can exceed the wallet balance then you will get a ‘split-pay’ option, where customers can make payments through a combination of money from their wallet and another payment source.

“Along with a host of existing payment options offered to consumers, Swiggy Money will ensure seamless and swift transactions on food orders by minimizing hassles such as lengthy payment procedures or payment failures resulting in improved customer experience,” Anand Agrawal, VP Products, Swiggy, said.

Swiggy is hugely impacted by the pandemic Coronavirus. As a result, last month, Swiggy laid-off 1,100 employees to cut the cost. It is reported that before the pandemic, Swiggy was delivering around 3 million orders per day which are now reduced to under a million orders per day.

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