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Tinder Lite launched in some Asian markets

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Tinder Lite, a lite variant of the app to be launched at some Asian markets. The Lite variant of the app is designed for the areas with limited data and lower-cost phones. The app is 25 times smaller than the main app, still, it maintains the core functionality, like swiping, or like the profile. The lite app will also reduce network usage by 20 percent, run faster on low-end phones, and consume less battery than the standard version.

Users will need only one account for Tinder and Tinder Lite. Based on data connectivity users can choose between two versions. Existing Tinder Plus/Gold subscribers will be able to access their premium upgrades using Tinder Lite.

“As the world becomes more connected, it’s essential that Tinder delivers on its fundamental value: giving users everywhere the opportunity to meet new people,” said Elie Seidman, CEO of Tinder, “Tinder Lite demonstrates our commitment to providing greater access to our expanding, global community and creating more moments for our users to connect with people they may have never met otherwise.”

The app will be available through Google Play in Vietnam in the “coming weeks” and will be available to other areas in Southeast Asia and South America later this year.

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