Twitter's client app Brizzly+ let you to edit your tweets

Twitter’s client app Brizzly+ let you to edit your tweets


Twitter’s client app Brizzly+ is coming with one of the most requested features by users. The Brizzly+ will let users’ to edit their tweets. It also allows users to auto-delete tweets and save your favorite tweets.

Brizzly+ app is built on Twitter’s API and it shows your home timeline and allows you to like retweet and post tweets.

Brizzly+ edit feature works slightly differently. When you post anything, it doesn’t publish it immediately, instead, it stores your tweets for pre-defined time limit set by you (you can set from 10 seconds to 10 minutes). If you wanted to make changes then tap on the undo button and you can make changes to your tweet and republish it.

Another good feature is “Redo Tweet.” If your tweet went live and you realize that you made some typo or mistake then you can use the “Redo Tweet” button. Redo button will allow you to make changes in your tweets and publish it again. The feature will delete the old tweet and replace it with new.

In addition, the app also launched with an “Auto-deleting” tweets feature. The feature will auto-delete the tweets after a specified time interval. It allows users to auto-delete their tweets after 24-hours. In addition to the auto-delete features, the app also has a “Fav to Save” feature. It allows users to save their favorite tweets.

Brizzly app is available on App Store and Play Store for $5.



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