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WhatsApp gets add contacts by QR Code feature


WhatsApp rolled out a new update that let users add new contacts by scanning their QR code. The feature was announced in May.

How to use the feature

The QR code can be accessed via the Settings Menu. Your QR code will appear under the My Code section. You can show that QR code to the people so that they can directly add your contact. Once you share the QR code, WhatsApp will also share your phone number. Requested people will scan the QR code from the Scan Code section present under the settings.

If you accidentally show your QR code to the wrong person, you can revoke it immediately.

Dark Mode for web app

WhatsApp is also rolling out Dark Mode for a desktop app on Windows and Macs. Dark Mode is already available on iOS and Android.

Group Video calls

WhatsApp will add an icon for video calls up to 8 people. It will allow users to directly initiate a group video call up to 8 members without requiring them to add individually. In addition, users will enlarge the participant’s video to full screen during Group Video call.

WhatsApp will also make Status available for KaiOS users. All KaiOS users will now be able to share updates via WhatsApp Status that disappear after 24 hours.

WhatsApp will also add animated stickers to its chatting platform.

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