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Xiaomi is testing new privacy feature that will alert users for any suspicious app

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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is working on a new feature for its MIUI 11. The new feature will be called ‘App Behaviour Records’ and let users inform about any suspicious app. The app will maintain a log about the app which performs suspicious actions like runs in the background, asks camera permission, autostart in the background and more.

The feature will trigger a notification whenever the system detects any suspicious actions which violate users’ policy. Xiaomi will also provide an option to turned-off those notifications on an app basis. Below is the list of features for which the app will generate notifications.

* Recording audio in the background
* Accessing calendar events
* Accessing call history
* Making a phone call
* Taking photos or recording
* Accessing or saving items to the clipboard
* Accessing
* Accessing your
* Reading your text
* Accessing sensor
* Accessing activity
* Accessing device
* Reading your phone
* Accessing or saving files in the background

The feature is currently in the testing phase so it will take some time before it reached the users.



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