Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which one is better

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There are many smart speakers available in the market. But Amazon and Google have the major market capitalization. Both have their own pros and cons. Currently, Amazon Echo supports more devices but Google is trying to fulfill that gap. Google Assistant is easy to set up, easy to use while Amazon is good for certain pre-defined tasks.


Amazon Echo and Google Home both don’t come with exceptional design. But still Google Home has slightly better design than Amazon Echo. Echo is a 5.9-inch long cylindrical shaped with a fabric covering around the entirety of the device. The top of the Echo has a ring that lights up whenever Alexa is activated. It has four physical but– a mute button for the microphone, a power button, and two volume controls. It is available in different shades of gray.

Amazon Echo 2019

Google Home also comes with cylindrical shaped. unlike the physical button in Echo, we get capacitive touch-sensitive buttons on top of the Google Home. The touch controls can be used for play/pause music, volume control and to activate Google assistant. Google says that the design is inspired by wine glasses and candles. The top-half made of smooth, hard plastic that lights up with LEDs in four colors (red, green, blue, yellow) when it’s listening. While bottom-half covered with gray colored fabrics. However, users can opt-out for a different color base.

Voice Assistant

Amazon comes with its own-digital assistant Alexa. Alexa can be activated by various words including “Alexa,” “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “Computer.” You can change the Alexa voice to a different accent or language. Amazon is good for simple basic queries. It depends mostly on Wikipedia and Bing to answer your queries. It is good for asking things like weather for the weekend, set timers, play games, set reminders, set a dinner bell, and so much more. The one area where it betas Google Assistant shopping-related queries. It will tell you the items which are on discounted prices on Amazon.

Google Home uses Google’s Assistant. It can be activated by “Hey Google.” Google Assistant is good for follow-up questions. For eg., if you ask “What’s the cricket score of Pakistan vs Australia.” You can then ask “where the next Test Match will take place.” Google Assistant is multilingual. You can switch to male or female voice depending on your requirements. It can also do basic kinds of stuff like set timers, schedule appointments, book movie tickets, play games, set reminders, and so much more.


Smart Home devices

Both Amazon and Echo tie-up with many brands to convert your home into a smart home. Both support big brands like Nest thermostat, Samsung SmartThings, and Philips Hue lights. Both support their streaming devices. Google supports Chromecast, you can ask it to play and pause movies search and browse movies tv shows, etc. While Amazon supports its own fire TV stick. You can ask them to play or browse movies or TV shows. With both the Google Home and Echo devices.

You can control devices with your rooms using the commands such as (“turn on dining room light”) or dim the bedroom lights.”

Music quality

Both equipped with small speakers for music. There’s not much difference between the sound quality of Amazon Echo and Google Home. But Home delivers much better quality than the Echo. Amazon can stream music from Amazon Prime Music while Play Music, YouTube Red and Google Cast. Both devices also support iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn. Both the Echo and the Google Home can be used as Bluetooth speakers for your phone, and both support multi-room audio.

Calling feature

Both Google Home and Echo can allow you to connect with your friends and family via a built-in calling feature. Amazon Echo allows you to call other devices in your home or even to friends over the internet, and Echo Show even allows video calling. However, this feature is missing from Google Home. It can’t receive calls from your friends or family member.


Both devices are equally incredible and amazing. If you are surrounded by Google ecosystem, then Google Home will be the best choice for you. It supports many smart home devices and compatible with many big brands. If you do not stick to the Google and Android ecosystem then you can opt for Amazon Echo.



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