China Tianwen-1 Mars

China successfully launches the Tianwen-1 Mars mission


China has successfully launched its first Tianwen-1 Mars mission. If China successfully lands and operates the rover on Mars, then it will become the second nation after the United States.

The mission named, Tianwen-1 and it used Long March-5 rocket spacecraft. The Long March-5 is one of the most powerful rockets in China. The mission launched from the Wenchang Spacecraft launch site at 12:41 P.M.

Once rover will land on the Martian surface, it will study for extraterrestrial bodies. The rover will carry out the experiment and try to find out the sustainable environment for humans on Mars. It will search for proof of water, a basic component of human life.

Tianwen-1 is the second Mars mission launched this month. Earlier in the week, UAE also successfully launched its first Mars mission, called Hope Mars mission. The purpose of the mission is to study the weather and the atmosphere of the red planet. Later in the month, the US also launch its much-awaited Mars mission called Perseverance. It is currently scheduled for July 31.

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