China Mars mission-Tianwen-1

China will launch Mars probe mission in July this year

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China is all set to launch its first Mars mission–Tianwen-1, in July this year. The mission includes an orbiter, a lander, and a six-wheeled, solar-powered rover. It will use the Long March-5 Y4 carrier rocket. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) will send a probe to orbit and land and deploy a rover on Mars. If China gets successful then it will become the second country to send a Mars Rover to Mars after the US.

As of now, the biggest challenge of the mission is to land the rover on Mars. During the time of landing, the rover will have to reduce the speed from 20,000 kilometers per hour (12,427 mph) to zero. The CASC will use a 70-meter-diameter antenna, hoisted in Tianjin for mission communications. It will receive signals from Mars that are around 400 million km from Earth.

The mission is very critical for the purpose of the study of extraterrestrial bodies. The rover will carry out the experiment and try to find out the sustainable environment for humans on Mars. It will search for proof of water, a basic component of human life.



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