MIT and Boston Dynamics develop Dr. Spot

MIT and Boston Dynamics developed a Dr. Spot robot for contactless monitoring of patients


MIT and Boston Dynamics have been collaborated to develop a robot that can measure patients’ vital signs without doctor-to-patient meet. The robot is called Dr. Spot and is a customized version of Boston Dynamics’ four-legged, robot dog.

Dr. Spot features a set of contactless monitoring systems for measuring patients’ vital signs and a tablet computer for conducting face-to-face medical interviewing with the patients.

The robot can measure various vital parameters such as skin temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation. The robot will help to reduce in-person contact with COVID-19 patients.

As of now for observation and study purposes, it is deployed in hospital settings to measure vital signs from healthy volunteers. If the study and observations come out promising then it will deploy to monitor real patients.

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