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NASA delayed the launch of Mars 2020 once again

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NASA has delayed the launch of its next Mars Rover. NASA wrote, its first launch attempt of the Mars 2020 mission will not take place before July 30. The space organization can further delay the mission to August 15, if the problem wouldn’t be resolved before July 30. It is the second delay of the mission. The rover was originally scheduled to launch on July 17 and later it postponed to July 20.

“A liquid oxygen sensor line presented off-nominal data during the Wet Dress Rehearsal, and additional time is needed for the team to inspect and evaluate”, NASA wrote.

Rover 2020 is the same size as Curiosity but is a bit heavier (1,025 kg). It is equipped with a scientific camera, chemical analyzer, and a drill. The rover has a total of 23 cameras and 2 microphones to capture Martian wind.

If Mars 2020 would launch on July 30 then it will land on the red planet on February 18, 2021, in the Jezero Crater on Mars.

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