Skyryse unveils first flying helicopter

Skyryse unveils first auto-flying helicopter

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California-based startup Skyryse unveiled a technology that could help future air-taxis, aircraft and helicopters autonomously. Skyryse released a demonstration video of a modified Robinson R-44 helicopter, flying itself with two pilots inside as backup.

The Skyryse helicopter is equipped with sensors and modified controls. Ground-based sensors embedded in the helipad takes care of autonomous take-off and landing. These sensors also communicate with the helicopter and detect weather change to ensure a safer flight. It also detects any low-flying objects such as drones or birds.

“At a fundamental level, I realized at a very young age that the transportation system that’s built on the infrastructure that cars follow was no longer serving us,” said Mark Groden.

Skyryse, founded in 2016 and based in Hawthorne, California. It has a total of 40 employees from big giants like Ford, Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Uber, JetSuite Air, and JetBlue.



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