SpaceX carries out first commercial launch

SpaceX carries out first commercial launch

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on Thursday, SpaceX launched its first commercial mission with the help of Falcon Heavy rocket. The rocket took off Thursday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida just after 6 pm ET.

For the first time after putting the satellite in the orbit all three rocket boosters safely return to earth. The two side-boosters landed simultaneously on ground pads in Florida, while the center core landed on a remote-controlled platform in the ocean a short time later.

Falcon Heavy rocket placed the six-ton Arabsat-6A satellite into geostationary orbit about 22,500 miles (36,000 kilometers) above the Earth. It will provide television, internet, telephone, and secure communications to customers in the Middle East.

Last year, in February, Falcon Heavy rocket launched a Tesla Roadster as the test payload. The car, which was carrying a space-suited mannequin nicknamed Starman was seated in the driver’s seat of a red Roadster. It is expected to orbiting around the sun somewhere between Earth and Mars. The two side boosters used for that launch were successfully recovered, but the core stage crashed attempting to reach the drone ship.

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