Virgin Orbit rocket failed

Virgin Orbit’s inaugural rocket failed to reach Earth orbit


Virgin Orbit, a private space organization, founded by the billionaire Richard Branson failed to reach the Earth’s orbit. The rocket (LauncherOne) crashed before it reaches space. Virgin Orbit was trying to send a dummy satellite, with a modified Boeing 747 airplane (Cosmic Girl) from the Mojave Air and Space Port. It was the company’s first launch.

In a statement Virgin Orbit said, “LauncherOne maintained stability after release, and we ignited our first stage engine, NewtonThree.” “An anomaly then occurred early in first stage flight. We’ll learn more as our engineers analyze the mountain of data we collected today.”

With two-persons and two engineers onboard, airplane takeoff and headed west over the Pacific ocean and turned south, towards the Channel Islands, a drop-off point for the rocket. The rocket’s booster was supposed to have ignited, and send the LauncherOne into the sky. Once it reached 18,000 miles per hour then it would find a stable orbit around the earth. But unfortunately it didn’t happen.

The aim of the mission was to collect step by step data for the launch process. The company didn’t say anything about why the rocket failed but hoping that engineers will analyze the data and try to find out the root cause of failure.



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