Amazon electric delivery Rickshaws

Amazon introduces electric delivery Rickshaws in India

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Amazon India has introduced new electric delivery Rickshaws to curb pollution and help to improve the climate. The company is planning to launch 10,000 such Rickshaws by the end of 2025. The move is a result of an initiative that took Amazon last year, to make the company carbon neutral by 2040.

These electric Rickshaws are designed and manufactured by the Noida-based Pace Electric Vehicles and Kalinga Ventures. In the first phase, Amazon will acquire 500 such EV (Electric Vehicle) at the cost of Rs. 12 to 15 crore. The e-commerce giant said, all the EV will be manufactured in India only. The company will begin delivering items through EV from the NCR (National Capital Region), Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

In a press statement, Amazon India, said, “Amazon India has been working with several Indian OEMs to build a fleet of vehicles that ensure sustainable and safe deliveries of customer orders. Significant progress in the Indian e-mobility industry in the last few years has led to advanced technology, and superior motor and battery components.



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