Amazon Dash Cart

Amazon’s new shopping cart lets you skip the checkout line


Amazon has announced a new shopping cart that lets customers make payments without going to the cashiers. Amazon calls it Amazon Dash cart.

The cart uses a computer vision algorithm and sensors to identify the products placed inside the cart and when you exit through the store’s Amazon Dash cart lane, it will automatically deduct amount with the credit card linked to your Amazon account.

The cart features a screen at the top that displays your Alexa shopping list as well as your subtotal of the items. You can also apply coupon with the cart’s built-in coupon scanner.

It will be available at the Amazon grocery store in Woodland Hills later this year.

How to shop with Dash cart

Once the customer reached the store and gets the cart, then they need to scan a QR code in the Amazon app to sign-in. After that, they can start shopping with the cart.

The cart is designed for small to medium sized grocery trips.

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