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Amazon lets you opt out your Alexa Voice Recording being reviewed by a humans

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Amazon has addressed the concern of customers by announcing that, now users can opt-out of human review of their Alexa recordings. But users will have to manually delete Alexa recordings.

How to delete the recordings

1. Go to the settings and tap on the Alexa Privacy tab
2. Tap on “manage how your data improves Alexa”
3. Turn off the toggle next to “Help improve amazon services and develop new features”

Users can also delete their new and old voice recordings through the Alexa App or the Amazon website. Simple go to the setting, “Privacy screen,” select “Review Voice History,” and delete recordings from there.

Users can also delete the recording from app and website as well. Go to the website, sign-in, then click on “Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa.” Select the option that says “Help Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Features,” then turn it off.

Earlier Google and Apple also shut down their programs that allow assistant recordings to be reviewed by humans.


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