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Apple AirTags might be completely waterproof and support magnetic charging

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Update: 2502: Apple’s upcoming new product AirTags is going to launch somewhere in the second quarter of the year. A new report from Mac Otakara suggested that upcoming AirTags will be completely waterproof and will support magnetic charging.

Apple AirTags is similar to other Bluetooth tracking device called Tiles. It helps you to locate misplaced items and Apple gadgets. The device would use ultra-wideband radios similar to what Apple is using in the newest iPhone 11 phones. The ultra-wideband would help to track gadgets in a wide range of areas. The AirTags will come in a circular shape.

Update: 14/03- Apple’s new product AirTag will feature a removable coin-shaped CR2032 battery. The battery will be put inside the AirTag by unscrewing the back of the device. Since CR2032 batteries can not be recharged they will need to be replaced regularly.

The AirTags would fall into a totally new category and there is a high chance that Apple might release the product earlier (Before Q3). Apple could also announce the product at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).



Originally published on February 21, 2020
Updated on February 22, 2020: Added  update from Mac Otakara

Updated on March 14, 2020: Added  battery detail


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