Apple dropped the plans for end-to-end encrypted iCloud backup

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Apple dropped a plan that will enable people to fully encrypt backups of their iPhone data stored on iCloud. The move came due to intense pressure from the FBI.

As per the Reuters report, two years back, Apple informed the FBI that it is planning to offer users end-to-end encryption when storing their phone data on iCloud so that hackers could not access users’ data. That means Apple won’t be able to hand over the iCloud storage data to the law enforcement and since data would be end-to-end encrypted so law authorities would not be able to access it.

According to a report, a year later both entities met again and Apple informed that it dropped the plan for end-to-end encryption. Reuters reported that “Apple did not want to risk being attacked by public officials for protecting criminals, sued for moving previously accessible data out of reach of government agencies or used as an excuse for new legislation against encryption.”



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