Apple to pay the winners of ‘Shot on iPhone’ Photo Contest

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For the past two days, Apple faced criticism from artists and creators over its new “Shot on iPhone Challenge,” which will use photos from 10 photographers in a series of marketing campaigns without any compensation. Now the company agrees to pay the amount to the winners of the challenge.

On 22 January, Apple launched a new Shot on iPhone Challenge that asks photographers to submit iPhone photos for a chance to be featured in a worldwide marketing campaign. The photos will be featured on Apple Newsroom, Apple’s Instagram channels, apple.com, in Apple retail stores, Apple WeChat, Apple Twitter account Apple Weibo accounts and billboards around the world. “A panel of judges will review worldwide submissions and select 10 winning photos, to be announced in February.

It still remains unclear just how much winners will receive from these licensing fees. One artist, who criticized the terms on Twitter, suggested that a $10,000 prize would be a good place to start.

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