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Apple’s new iMac patent reveals exciting design

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Apple is known for its innovation and research. The company spends a major chunk of its revenue on research and development. Due to its solid innovation, the company produced some iconic products including, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch.

Now the company has filed for a new single glass sheet iMac patent. The patent was filed last year and was spotted by patently Apple. The special thing about the patent is that iMac’s monitor and input keyboard built on a single continuous glass sheet. The wedge behind the display will be housed to its processing unit and various ports.

One design shows that the keyboard and display are built on the same glass surface but another design reveals that the keyboard might be detachable. The lower sheet of glass would also be folded to make it easier for carriage and transportation purposes.

iMac Patent 3

The patent also shows designs where a MacBook can be used as a desktop accessory. It allows users to dock a laptop into the iMac. This way users will be able to use the laptops keyboard and trackpad bt with an iMac display.

iMac Patent 4

The new design and patent seem very exciting but at the moment we are not sure whether the company will release the product since it is just a patent. Sometimes companies just registered for the patent but they never release their product.



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