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Chrome 83 released with lots of security features and customisation

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Google starts rolling out the stable release of Chrome 83. Due to pandemic Coronavirus, Google skips the Chrome 82 so it bundled all features of Chrome 82 into Chrome 83. Chrome 83 update includes security fixes, privacy settings, developer features, and many more. Here is the list of features that you will get with Chrome 83.

Tab Grouping: With the new group tab feature, you can assign custom names and colors to your tabs, group, and reorder them.

google group tabs

*Right-click on any tab and click the “Add Tab to Group” option
*It will let you create a Group and assign any name like work, personal
*You can also color your group to differentiate between different groups
*You can also reorder or rearrange tabs to and from your groups. You can even move your group to an entirely new browser window
*If you close the browser and reopen it then all groups will load automatically

New Cookie Settings: Now users can delete cookies, per-site basis instead of deleting all cookies at once. The feature is already available on Firefox.

Cookie blocking in Incognito Mode: Now Users can block third party cookies even in Incognito Mode. It will prevent website owners or advertisers to track you across the web via cookies file.


New Safety Check Option: A new Safety Check Option is located under Chrome -> Settings -> Privacy and security option. It will check, if you are running the latest version of Chrome, and your passwords haven’t been compromised. It will also check if you haven’t installed any malicious extensions.


Enhanced Safe Browsing: It will ensure that you always protect from phishing, web-based attacks, and malware. You can enable or disable the feature via settings.

New Improved form controls: Google partnered with Microsoft to redesigned the form controls. The new buttons, text boxes, radio buttons got a new look.


New Redesigned Extensions Menu: There is a puzzle icon on the right of your toolbar and it will show a list of all your installed extensions.

Extensions Menu

Warning an Adobe Flash player: When any visit a site that uses Adobe Flash Player, then Chrome will show a warning that ‘Flash Player will no longer be supported after 2020.’

Chrome 83 is available to download on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.



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