Facebook launches new Avatars for News Feed and Messenger app

Facebook is working on facial recognition tool for verification

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The social network giant Facebook is testing on a facial recognition tool for the verification of the user’s identity. The feature has been discovered by the reverse engineering specialist Manchun Wong. She shared the snapshot of the upcoming feature on his Twitter profile.

The features look similar to Apple Face ID. But Apple ID is much more secure than Facebook facial recognition tool. Users would be required to take a video selfie where they have to look in different directions to scan the complete face. Facebook promised that no-one will see the video. Also social networking giant will delete the video selfie and every other related data after 30 days.

Wong also mentioned the updated process, where users required to submit a photo ID for account verification. The new updated process is described as simple as submitting a photo of your ID on a flat surface.

The facial recognition will definitely reduce the chances of account compromise but it will raise some privacy concerns. Another Cambridge Analytica like scandal will result in to compromise of facial data for millions of users.



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