Facebook Portal and Portal Mini

Facebook launches two new Portal devices

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Facebook today launched two new portal devices including the Portal and Portal Mini. Both are smart speakers with video calling feature.

The Portal Mini sports an 8-inch display while Portal features a bigger 10-inch display. The Portal will cost $179 while Portal Mini to cost $129. Both the devices will be available from October 15.

The portal devices also equipped with a camera and microphone to make calls. stream videos from Amazon Prime, Facebook Watch, Starz and many more. Facebook recently received lots of criticism over privacy concerns. To address privacy concerns, Facebook is also providing an option to turn off the camera and microphone whenever it is not required to be used.

Facebook is also giving an option to opt-out from storing voice recordings in the cloud, Which Facebook used to improve the service. Users can disable the option by heading to the app’s settings so that no voice data or recordings are stored in the cloud to be reviewed by humans.

The portal devices come with a picture-in-picture mode which means you can simultaneously chat as well as watch videos.


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