Facebook Messenger Lite gets some new feature; GIF support, colourful chats

Facebook Messenger Lite gets some new feature; GIF support, colourful chats

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Facebook has updated the slimmed down version of its app Messenger Lite. The app got some more features such as animated GIFs and most customization features that were available in the full-sized Messenger app. The new features include the option to select different colors for each chat and set a nickname for friends and family members to make it more personal.

Starting now, people can express themselves more in chats with family and friends by sending and playing animated GIFs.

“To send a GIF, use a third party keyboard (such as the Google keyboard), search for GIFs in their library, and send a more expressive message,” Krish Gali, Product Manager, Facebook, wrote in a blog post late Wednesday. Users can now also customize their conversations with different people and groups and make various color choices and emojis to make the chat more personal.

The new update will allow users to share files, audio, video clips and pictures with friends and family. This can be done through the ‘+’ sign that appears to the left of the text box on a chat window. Once the content is selected, it can be posted on the chat through the ‘Send’ button.

With the new updates, Facebook’s Messenger Lite app has become a feature-rich service but the size still remains under 10MB. The lightweight messaging app is available in over 100 countries got to video chat capabilities earlier this year.

Earlier this year, Facebook had introduced the video calling feature so that people could get a live face-to-face chatting experience even on basic devices.

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