Facebook Messenger’s dark mode is available for everyone

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Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode is now available globally. The feature was already in beta testing. The Social media giant first announced a dark mode for its Facebook Messenger app at last year’s F8 developer conference.

Dark Mode option can be activated by tapping on your profile photo in Messenger to get to the Messenger settings where Dark Mode is now an available option. The feature switches the chat display from white interface to black.

The feature is rolled out for both iOS and Android platforms.

The Dark Mode will reduce battery consumption on smartphones because there will be minimum colors used on the display. For OLED and AMOLED displays, the feature will see even greater battery usage reduction. Youtube, Twitter, and Google have already rolled out the Dark Mode feature on their respective applications on Android and iOS, while Instagram and WhatsApp are still working on it and now Facebook messenger has also joined the queue.

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