Facebook started rolling out new design

Facebook started rolling out new design

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Last year in April, Facebook announced that they will overhaul their Facebook apps for Android and iOS as well as it’s a desktop app. Although users received their new redesigned apps for both Android and iOS but desktop users still using an older version. Now Facebook has done testing of its desktop app and they started rolling out a new redesigned desktop app to the users.

The company calls the newly redesigned app called “The New Facebook.” The prompt will ask users if they wanted to use the new or older version if they agree with a new version then they will offer to use the website with a white background or in dark mode. If the users don’t like the new app, they can switch back to the older version.

The new design is inspired by mobile. It is neat, clean and simpler. With a newly redesigned version, you can find Groups and Communities very easily. A redesigned Groups tab will show you a personalized feed of all the activity from the communities you follow. The new version is a 3 columns-design with Facebook Stories at the center. With a new design, users can easily share content from your News Feed directly to Groups.



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