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Facebook Workplace to get Rooms, Live Q&A and many more features

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Facebook WorkPlace, a professional social networking site by the company hits 5 million users, Facebook announced today. Since October 2019, it adds 2 million more users as a result, its total user count now stands as 5 million.

Facebook Workplace will get new features to offer a more seamless experience. Below are the features which you will get in the next few days:

Workplace Rooms

Rooms, a video conferencing app by Facebook will integrate with the Workplace. It will allow professionals to make video calls to multiple people at once. In fact, you can connect with up to 50-people in a group call.

Live Producers

It will let users stream reliable, high-quality live video, and access new features like screen sharing, Q&As, polls, and real-time health metrics.

Live Q&A

With a Live Q&A session, leaders engaged and connect with their employees. They can conduct town-halls or Ask me Anything sessions.

Live Captions, Translations & Caption Editing

New Workplace update will include automatic captions in multiple languages. Facebook claims that “Our auto-generated translations help you save time, while in-line editing ensures captions are not only correct but aligned with the video timing.”

Facebook is also looking to expand the Workplace to the Portal device so employees can use the Portal’s Smart Camera and Smart Sound to engage with their colleagues. The feature will be rolled out in June.



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