Facebook is testing TikTok's style short video format

Facebook is testing TikTok’s style short video format


Facebook is trying to copy one more feature of TikTok. It is testing TikTok’s style of short video format. The social networking site is currently carrying out tests inside its main app in India.

There is a dedicated “Short Videos” section within the News Feed with a Create button on top. Once you tap on the Create button, it will open the phone’s camera. They can create short videos and add music to them. In addition, they can also browse videos by swiping up. The interface is similar to TikTok. Users can also like, comment, and share videos with their friends and families.

Techcrunch quoted Facebook, “We’re always testing new creative tools so we can learn about how people want to express themselves. Short-form videos are extremely popular and we are looking at new ways to provide this experience for people to connect.”

In India, Facebook’s traffic has been increased in India since it banned TikTok a few months back. In June, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps and said that these apps are a threat to Indian sovereignty and the integrity of India.

As of now feature is available only to limited set of Android users.

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