Firefox VPN for US users

Firefox is testing VPN for the US users

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Firefox is bringing back its Test Pilot Program that was closed in January this year. During the Test Pilot Program, Firefox tests the beta features with a small set of customers before public rollout.

The first program for the Test Pilot program is the beta of the Firefox Private Network VPN service. The feature is currently being tested for Firefox desktop users in the U.S. The feature will provide features including traditional VPN, end-to-end encryption and hidden IP addresses.

Mozilla partnered with Cloudflare which will provide the proxy servers for it. It is available as a Firefox extension, for desktop users in the U.S.

“Over the next several months you will see a number of variations on our testing of the Firefox Private Network. This iterative process will give us much-needed feedback to explore technical and possible pricing options for the different online needs that the Firefox Private Network meets”, Firefox said in a blog post.



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