Google Search will get playable Podcasts list

Google Search will get playable Podcasts list

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Google Search will soon get you to list of Podcast episodes carrying titles and descriptions. Currently, Podcats search is available on and soon it will be available to Google Assistant as well.

Google wrote in a blog post, “We’ll soon add the ability for publishers to specify a playback destination, such as a third-party website or app. This means people can discover podcasts that may be exclusively available by purchase or subscription on third-party podcast providers.”

If users search about the podcast in Google, then it will give the list of all playable episodes in Search results alongside web pages, news, images, and videos. In the future, Google plans to tweak the feature to allow the search to include podcast results even if you don’t specify “podcast” in the query.

Later this year, the feature will be available for the Google Assistant and Google Podcasts for the web. For example, when you ask the Assistant for podcasts episodes, like “Hey Google, play a podcast about Marie Curie,” it will suggest relevant episodes for you. It will let you play Podcasts without having to download the Google search app.

The new features are available starting today, in the English language to the people of the U.S.



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