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Google’s AR navigation feature for Maps has been launched

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Google Maps is rolling out the Augmented Reality feature to its users for iOS and Android. The new feature is part of Google’s expanded Maps offerings aimed at travelers. The feature was announced at Google I/O 2018 and launched for exclusively for Pixel phones in May this year. The feature is called “Line View.” Android devices which support ARCore or iPhones that include ARKit support will be able to access the feature.

The AR navigation feature superimposes walking directions over real-world streets. Using a smartphone camera, the map will tell you about the exact location and when to turn left or right or hit straight.

How to use the feature:

1. Select source and destination in Google Maps
2. Tab on the start button will give you a new option called ‘Start AR’
3. Tab the ‘Start AR’ button and it will divide the screen into two parts–Camera Feed and Map view

The AR map would rely on the data mapped by Google Street View, so it won’t work in the countries where street view is not available. So Google is also rolling out the beta over the next few weeks in countries where Street View is available.


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