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Hack the iPhone and earn $1,000,000

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If you are a very good security researcher or white-hat hacker then you can earn up to $1 million. Apple is offering the big prize up to one million dollars if you hacked their iPhone.

Apple head of security Ivan Krstić announced at this year’s Black Hat convention that Apple is expanding its bug bounty program. Apple bug bounty program now includes all of its major platforms including iOS, macOS, smartwatch,tvOS, and other Apple operating system. It is now open to all researchers, rather than the current invite-only eligibility. The rewards are as follows:

*Lock screen bypass: $100,000
*User data extraction: $250,000
*Unauthorized access to high-value user data: $100,000
*Kernel code execution: $150,000
*CPU side-channel attack on high-value data: $250,000
*One-click unauthorized access to high-value user data: $150,000
*One-click kernel code execution: $250,000
*Zero-click radio to the kernel with physical proximity network attack: $250,000
*Zero click access to high-value user data: $500,000
*Persistent full-chain kernel code execution attack without user interaction: $1,000,000

Apple’s bug bounty program started in 2016 with the prize money of up to $200,000 for finding problems in iOS devices.


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