Huawei launches Cilia, a digital voice assistant

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Huawei announces a digital assistant called Celia. The assistant to compete with Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri. Huawei’s digital assistant will soon be available to the Huawei branded smartphones. Celia is a global version of the Xiaoyi, a personal assistant in China.

The assistant can be wake up by the command ‘Hey Celia.’ Alternatively, users can press and hold the power button for one second to activate it. Celia defaults to the Bing search engine in the UK and defaults to all the queries for the Huawei browser. Celia can provide you weather updates, helps to set up reminders, pick up calls, play music and more. Celia can also identify different object and presents informations about them. The feature is similar to Google Lens.

As of now, Celia is available in English, French, and Spanish. Celia will be available on Huawei devices through an OTA update starting April 7. In the first phase, it will be rolled out in Chile, Colombia, France, Mexico, Spain, and UK.



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