Instagram QR Code

Instagram QR Code is available for Android and iOS

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Instagram rolled out a QR code feature on its app. The QR codes can be scanned from any third-party camera apps. The feature is in testing from last year, in Japan.

Instagram develops the feature to help out business owners who can create their QR codes and share them with their customers. Customers can visit their profiles by scanning the QR code from any third-party apps.

How to generate QR code

Open the Instagram app, and head over to the Instagram profile and click on QR code
If you still see a Nametag option instead of QR code, then it means the update is still not available to you
You can save the QR code and share with your friends and colleagues

To scan the QR code, simply open your phone’s camera app and point it to the QR code.

Instagram launched a similar feature in 2018. It is called Nametag and it works by showing your username on your phone in a format that allows it to be scanned by your soon-to-be follower. The tag can also be customized with additional designs, colors, and stickers.

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