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Jio and Google will develop a new Android OS for low-end smartphones in India

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During its Annual General Meeting (AGM), Reliance’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio and Google together will develop a new Android operating system for entry-level smartphones in India. The OS will target people who are still using 2G featured phones. Ambani said, their new OS will help those users to get rid of the 2G network and moved to the 4G network.

Ambani said, “Google and Reliance Jio are partnering to build a value-engineered Android-based smartphone operating system. Through this partnership, we can accelerate the national mission of putting a smart device in the hands of every Indian.”

The new Android operating system will allow users to access Google apps including Gmail, Google Maps, and Hangout. They will also access the Google Play Store and can download the apps and games from the Play Store.

Currently, Jiophones runs Google’s KaiOS. It already has access to apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, and Twitter. But phones running on KaiOS have featured phones, not smartphones. But the new Android operating system will turn JioPhones into full-fledged smartphones.

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