LG transparent OLED display

LG’s transparent OLED window outfitted for a subway in China

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LG has replaced the windows of subway trains with transparent OLED in China. It has a full resolution display and 38 percent transparency. The 55-inch OLED display will display information such as weather, news, location, and more. The Beijing (Line 6) and Shenzhen (Line 10) have been upgraded with transparent OLED.

LG will provide a similar transparent OLED display to other subway trains and railway networks. LG is also looking to use the display of smart homes, self-driving cars, and airplanes.

“Transparent OLEDs are gaining interest not only from mobility customers in the areas of self-driving cars, airplanes, and subways but also from sectors such as smart home and smart building industries,” said LG in a press release.


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