Microsoft to end support for Internet Explorer 11 (1)

Microsoft to end support for Internet Explorer 11


Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer by August 17, 2021. Starting November 30, 2020, Microsoft Teams will no longer be supported on IE 11 (Internet Explorer 11), and from August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 apps and services will stop supporting IE 11.

For enterprise users’ Internet Explorer 11 will keep working. Microsoft said legacy IE 11 apps and investments will continue to work until we fully drop the support of Internet Explorer within Windows 10.

Microsoft also recommends businesses and enterprises to gradually shift to the Microsoft Edge browser as it is secure as well as compatible with most of the businesses. In addition, it also has SmartScreen built-in and ha the highest-rated phishing and malware protection. Microsoft will also offer support to businesses to migrate from IE 11 Edge browser.

In addition to the support changes, Microsoft is also ending support for the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app starting March 9, 2021. Microsoft claimed that apps and sites that were created for the Legacy app will work with the Chromium-based Edge web browser. If the enterprise faces any compatibility issue, then Microsoft will offer support.

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