Mozilla Firefox Lockbox password manager arrived to Android

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Mozilla’s free password manager app Firefox Lockbox is now available for Android. The app can use any password you have saved in the browser to log into any account such as social media.

Lockbox app will be connected to Firefox Sync for it. To ensure that the passwords are safe from any breach, 256-bit encryption will be used. The password manager app could be locked with Face ID or Touch ID.

Users have to sign in to their Firefox account and Firefox Lockbox will manage all the passwords that users have saved in Firefox. The passwords will be available both online and offline, once they are synced.

In accordance with Firefox’s global grooviness policy, the app is completely standalone and will let you open stuff with a different browser, though you’ll lose the syncing capabilities of Firefox.

Firefox Lockbox actually began as part of Firefox Test Pilot, an experimental program that launched back in 2016 to enable beta users to try out fledgling Firefox apps and features that still worked in progress.

Lockbox is already available in iOS devices, and its been downloaded over 50,000 times.

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