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Mozilla is working on a ad-free news subscription for $5 a month

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Non-profit organization Mozilla is testing an ad-free news subscription service for $5 a month. Mozilla teamed up with a startup Scroll to launch the feature.

Scroll currently has an ad-free news subscription in collaboration with 12 media partners, including Slate, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, USA Today, and Vox.

The service will allow users to access the ad-free news articles, audio version and video versions of the news.

We expect that these initiatives, and our collaboration with Scroll, will help shape our direction with respect to finding alternatives to the status quo advertising models.

Firefox’s product lead Peter Dolanjski said there was a concern that the “majority of digital advertising revenue is going to a small handful of companies, leaving other publishers with scraps … Meanwhile, users are on the receiving end of terrible experiences and pervasive tracking designed to get them to click on ads or share even more personal data

It’s not clear when the service will launch or if any of these details are final. As of now, Mozilla is just running a survey that seems to be gauging interest.

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